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Personalised Pet Bowls, Embroidered Collars & Leads
and Customised Bowls for Cafes

Porters For Pets

Personalised Dog Collars

Personalised Cat Bowls

Personalised Pet Collars

Porters 4 Pets is an online pet products store founded by Janet. After successfully operating a pet taxi business, she identified the need for durable, high quality products and created her own range of innovative items to suit your pet's needs. From personalised pet bowls, embroidered collars and leads, customised bowls for cafes and other specially selected item, we strive to keep your furry friends comfortable and stylish! Our mission is to provide great quality pet accessories that are suitable for all budgets and lifestyles. In addition, our vision is to expand the Paw Empire far beyond comfort and style - creating sustainable solutions to make a positive impact on animal welfare.

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